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"Rückenwind 2021: Keep on biking!"

Berlin, Germany

With the help of the bicycle the association "Rückenwind" wants to make refugees more mobile and thus a little more independent. Therefore we collect donation bikes and repair them with volunteers from all over the world.

Martin G. from Rückenwind e.V.
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Our association "Rückenwind" has been in existence since the "Long Summer of Migration" in 2015 and since then we have been running a bicycle workshop in the north of Neukölln on a voluntary basis. Here bicycle enthusiasts from all over the world repair donated bikes for refugees, learn from each other and develop friendships.

With the campaign "Rückenwind 2021: Keep on biking!" we now want to collect enough donations to cover part of the running costs in the new year.

What have we achieved in 2020?
Among other things, we were able to recruit and train more than 30 new mechanics, who are now regularly involved in our workshop. We have renovated the workshop so that it has now become an even more beautiful meeting and learning place. And – last but not least – despite the difficult situation this year, we were able to give out regularly repaired donation bikes to refugees.

What do we want to achieve this year?
In 2021 we now want to build on this successful work. We want to work more closely and more often with other social organisations. We want to bring our association work into the public space. We want to inspire even more volunteers for our work. And we want to create a full-time position to help us realise and coordinate all this.

In order to be able to do this, the fixed costs of our workshop must be covered in 2021. For this we need your help!