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An aid project by “CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.” (B. Meinardus) in Provinz Agadez, Niger

B. Meinardus (Project Manager)

B. Meinardus
Plagues of locusts and lacks of harvest: Every second child is undernourished/ Over 10 Million people in the Sahel are threatened by the hunger crisis – Please support our project and donate!

“Some families are just eating washy millet gruel once a day”, reports Johannes Schoors, the CARE-director in Niger. “In a normal year the hunger period starts in April or May, but this year it is well under way already.” The situation is extremely complicated because the most affected regions are scattered over the country, as Schoors said. “The worst concerned people are living in far remote communities, which are hard and quite costly to reach.”
The peak of the crisis is expected in March, but in some regions the food supplies are already exhausted. Livestock breeders have to sell their animals and property in order to being able to buy food. But without livestock the farmers are also loosing their basic food resource. The consequence: More children are suffering from undernourishment and disturbance of growths. In fact, many families still could not recover from the last drought.

One main focus of CARE’s support is the assistance of the nomads in Tuareg, which are living in the province Agadez/Niger. Since several years harvests in the republic Niger are bad. Due to the drought, many people lost their basis of live. The Tuareg are living on nomadic livestock breeding, however many animals are dying of thirst. The number of undernourished nomadic children is stimulating high. On top, the political revolutions in Libya intensify the crisis. Hence, many Nigerian guest workers which could support their families until then with their income had to return home. At the same time, increasing food prices on the world market made food for many families unaffordable.

As first emergency assistance measure CARE distributes food. In addition, we enable alternative possibilities of income with the help of “Cash-For-Work” programs, which means that the nomadic population is paid for work as for instance for the construction of streets. Besides, CARE expands the goods in stock to all in all eleven existing grain banks and installs seven nutrition centres for undernourished children. – Please support our project and donate!

For a responsible dealing with the donations CARE holds the “DZI-Spendensiegel” and reached first place of the German transparency price. The exemplary needs listed here are urgently required. We guarantee that your donor will benefit the project in western Africa. In addition, CARE is member of the alliance “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, the union of renowned German aid organizations which combine forces in cases of catastrophes with the aim of rendering aid quickly and effectively.

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