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Handcraft training for women in India and Kenya (Covid-19 emergency aid)

A project from Project Tres gemeinnützige UG
in kabiria, Kenya

Project Tres helps women in India Kenya on their way to economic and personal independence. We provide handcraft training and educate our women to become independent entrepreneurs. Covid-19 Emergency Aid.

Carla Maria De Souza Barbosa
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About this project

Project Tres is a Berlin-based non-profit organization working in India and Kenya. We provide craft training and educational programs to promote women's economic and personal independence. Our work began in India in 2016 and in Kenya in 2017. We believe that providing education on fair trade and self-sufficiency is key to creating new life-changing economic and social opportunities. 

We train our women primarily in textile processing and decor making. In addition to craft training, we educate our women in finance, fair trade, sales, and support them on their path to becoming self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our mothers' families lost the sources of income they had outside of Project Tres, making our organization the only source of income and support.

We are creating this page here to support our women in India and Kenya. Due to the current situation with Covid-19, our work has focused on helping our women covering their basic needs. Since March 2020, we have been sending money to our teams, primarily so they can access water, food, and medicine, and cover their rental costs. 

Together we can find a way through the pandemic and make our project sustainable. You can help us do this! 

To cover our monthly costs of our 12 families in Kenya and 18 families in India we currently need 1200 EUR per month:

  • Food + hygiene packages for all 12 families in Kenya
  • Rent for our workrooms in Kenya and India
  • Help to cover the housing costs of 10 particularly affected families
  • Help to cover school costs in India