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Helicopter help from above! Enable blind people to have eye surgery

A project from Mercy Air Deutschland e.V.
in Siteki, Swaziland

Mercy Air is currently helping people with eye problems during the Easter season. Helicopters fly into remote areas. Blindness cuts people off from life - that's why we fly teams of doctors into the bush for minor cataract surgeries.

Armin Krämer
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About this project

People who have eye problems are often cut off from life - especially in areas that have little access to proper medical care. 

This is where Mercy Air's helicopters help. After the Corona Lockdown in 2020, Mercy Air's helicopters are now once again on the move over the air. This time back in action for the Good Shephard Eye Hospital eye project in Eswatini, Southern Africa from 12 April after Easter. The doctors and the eye team will be flown by helicopter free of charge to villages in the mountainous region that are difficult to reach, in order to find people there who have cataracts, for example, and who can be effectively helped by a small operation or simply by a pair of glasses. 

Here, the helicopter over the air offers fast, safe and effective help and enables people to participate in social life again or to get a new zest for life and to get involved in normal everyday life again. 

In the past, without helicopters, only about 30% of people could be reached by land in the same amount of time. With the help of the airlift, 8000 people can now be examined, more than 400 cataract operations performed and 5000 reading glasses distributed in the past year. 

A helicopter reaches remote areas like no other means of transport. 
After Easter, missions like these will be flown, helping people permanently, but at a cost to ensure safety and quality. The helicopter missions allow the teams to be very effective.

However, each flight costs a lot of money. Rule of thumb for this helicopter: 1,500, - Euro per hour. This covers the cost of fuel, maintenance, spare parts, insurance, etc. The rule of thumb is: 1 minute in the helicopter. The following applies: 1 minute in the helicopter corresponds to approx. 1 hour on foot!

Every mission of the eye teams and doctors is therefore well planned so that maximum help reaches as many blind people as possible and they can participate well in social life again. Your contribution helps!
Every donation helps so that the helicopter can fly. So that an Easter miracle for people and whole families becomes possible.

Please note: If a project is already fully funded, we will use your donation for a similar project. Thank you very much!

Reference to the Waiblingen region in the campaign
Our German association Mercy Air D e.V was founded here 2 years ago and has gained a certain circle of friends in and around Waiblingen. Our first two Mercy Air D events (2018 and 2019) also took place in the Waiblingen area with presentations and the possibility for helicopter sightseeing flights. With our office located in Waiblingen, we round off the connection to the Waiblingen region and the Sparkasse.