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Funded Second chance for wild cat HADES

A project from TIERART e.V.
in Maßweiler, Germany

Wildcat HADES should get a second chance. The adult male was seriously injured in a car accident. We want to cover the costs for the operation of the broken leg and the rehabilitation until the cat is released back into the wild with your help.

E. Lindenschmidt
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About this project

Innumerable wild animals die in accidents on our roads every year. 
Wildcat HADES was lucky and could be rescued badly injured. Besides a broken leg, the full-grown kuder also suffered head injuries. Through splinters, which bored themselves into the skin during the accident, abscesses developed. It will still take some time until HADES is fit enough to be released back into the wild. Until then, he will be professionally cared for at TIERART. 

Hades was first brought to an animal hospital and operated there before he came to TIERART. TIERART will bear the costs for the treatment that was carried out as well as the further care during the next months. 
Regarding the treatment costs for his broken leg and head injuries, as well as the subsequent rehabilitation until he is released back into the wild, we need your help! 

With your donation you help to give HADES a second chance.