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Evaluation of projects at schools

Luckenwalde, Germany

Evaluation of projects at schools

Luckenwalde, Germany

We would like to have 8 tablets for the evaluation of projects in the schools where we are active. Our goal is to support and motivate the children and young people participating in our projects with the help of digital tools.

K. Tschirner from DRK-Kreisverband Fläming-Spreewald e.V. | 
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About this project

Our aim is to use digital tools to encourage the children and young people participating in our projects to do so: 
  • to express their opinion on projects in which they have participated and also to actively participate in the future design and change of projects such as social learning, training of mediators, training of school paramedics or prevention projects on the topics of addiction, sexuality, etc. 
  • By digitising surveys, we also want to promote the media competence of children and young people. 
  • In particular, the provision of equipment does not disadvantage individual pupils who do not have their own equipment, and they can still participate.
  • So far, we have had to prepare projects relatively laboriously on paper and communicate in writing. If we could get in touch with pupils digitally in the future, our work would not only be more modern and efficient, but probably also more sustainable. We would be able to react more quickly and would not have to remind the girls and boys personally, and we would we be able to obtain feedback quicker. 
  • We reach our participants through the channels they also use.
The equipment will be passed on among the school social workers to enable surveys to be carried out at all schools supported by the DRK. 

The school social workers of the DRC are employed in 18 primary, secondary and special schools in the district of Teltow-Fläming. There they are usually "lone fighters". They operate in the area between youth welfare and school. They support children and young people in learning to cope with the challenges of everyday life and how to cope with them.

The social workers at the school conduct individual counselling sessions - both for pupils and for parents or teachers. They offer social education-oriented group work, but also leisure activities in schools and outside. The aim is to encourage the children's development through play and to provide advice and support during the transition to secondary school. We accompany the young people in the process of growing up and help them not to lose sight of their individuality and personality. We support and encourage, but also question and discuss different aspects.
Updated at 13. November 2020