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Acupuncture f. Tribal women & children and others in need in Rajastan/India

A project from TCM-Sozialforum - Chinesische Medizin über Grenzen
in Udaipur, India

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S. Köhn-Pandey
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About this project

In Rajasthan, we work together with the non-profit NGO Rashtriya Guni Mission (RGM).
RGM has to revive itself the task of old traditional and affordable treatment methods again and maintain it for the poor. They find Gunis (trad.Heeler), test them and organize meetings with them, so that they can exchange ideas and expand their knowledge.
Due to the lack of health infrastructure, expensive medical facilities and generally widespread poverty (malnutrition, lack of hygiene), etc. many women die during childbirth or a few days after birth. Women play a major role in the social system, so they need our special support. We train health workers and Gunis in special acupuncture for pregnancy monitoring, delivery, postpartum, child care, general gynecological diseases, among others important issues and participate in health camps.
We also train women in diet, lifestyle and give tips to help themselves in various diseases and symptoms.
After several missions in Rajasthan, the need of therapies for more common diseases was found. If the Gunis practice in health camps, then others in need, as only women and children will benefit from the inexpensive and effective treatment method acupuncture. So we expanded our subject matter and the methods of treatment in this respect.
To enable regular camps where the Gunis drive in remote areas to treat people without the possibility of medical care, we raise funds for a new ambulance car.