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It is normal to be different!

Jüterbog, Germany

Mental and physical disability isolated. A stable tricycle tandem for people with disabilities is intended to make our residents mobile again and enable them to share experiences.

K. Tschirner from DRK-Kreisverband Fläming-Spreewald e.V.
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"Until now, it has been important that everyone who is different has the same rights. In the future it will be important that everyone has the same rights to be different".  (Source: Willem De Klerk, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Vice-President of South Africa)
A project of the DRK shelter for addicts Hof GERHARD
Social exclusion of people with disabilities - or of people who are different - is still an everyday occurrence in our society. Yet it is normal to be different.
People with chronic multiple addictions are also different. These people are ill due to the misuse of various addictive substances, some of which have lasted for years. They are restricted or even disabled in their psychological experience.
The best way for disabled and non-disabled people to interact as a matter of course is do things together as a unifying element in order to become active together and learn from each other.
Project description
Spending time together, moving and feeling freedom. The stable tricycle tandem is designed to help people with disabilities. It is not only about mobility experienced together, but also about stimulating active "cooperation" in order to experience the effect of the self.
Project objectives: Developing personality - enabling participation
Mental and physical handicaps isolate and give narrow scope for self-development. The disabled and non-disabled people participating in the project want to counteract this isolation. We want to build bridges to each other by sharing experiences together on the tricycle tandem. We want to show new worlds of experience, potentials and abilities, which sometimes arise from a seemingly everyday situation. We want to awaken the awareness of people with and without disabilities for their own personality. In a relaxed atmosphere and together with other interested and participating people from our home, mutual acceptance and appreciation grows - without any pressure of competition. The fun of experiencing together should develop into an integral part of their lives.
  • We want to promote personality by acting together. Joint active doing:
  • promotes a development of self-image and self-confidence
  • supports social and communicative skills
  • animates to try out and deal with each other
  • enables access to your own experience and
  • gives the participants recognition by the group
Hof GERHARD, a former farm, is located in the centre of the village of Hohengörsdorf, 4 km from Jüterbog. We care for addicted women and men who are chronically ill due to long-term abuse of addictive substances (alcohol, drugs, medicines). In a clearly structured daily routine, they learn how to cope with the disorder that is significant for them and begin to understand a connection between their addiction and their personality. Our residents should experience a real home, feel comfortable and live as independently as possible.