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A children's home „Hope for children“ for orphans in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

In the rented children's house "Hope for Children" we care for 27 children. Many were half-starved, living on the streets, left to their own devices. Our aim is to give children who live on the edge of the street a loving family home.

Micha Koch from Amatsiko Child - Hope for Children e. V.
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Brian and Edith Pound Ssali, a pastor couple from Gayaza in Uganda, are lovingly looking after 21 children at the moment. The amazing thing is that they really give up everything to give the children a better life.

All the children get nutritious meals , opportunity for schooling and access to medical and dental care and are also provided with clothes.

At the beginning of October 2020, the children's home was terminated due to the landlord's own needs. To prevent the children from ending up on the streets again, a small house was quickly rented. Through donations we were able to get new beds, mattresses and bed linen for the children, so that each child at least has its own little realm again. Due to the Corona pandemic, however, it has become very difficult to cope with all the additional costs. Many food prices have skyrocketed. The cost of a school scholarship alone for our beloved children in the home is €8,000 per year. Unfortunately, there is currently no money to finance schooling for 8 children.

As the home in Uganda receives no financial support from the government, we rely 100% on donations and support from volunteers and Good Samaritans.

1 term ( 3 months) costs 120 Euros per child and includes all school costs. The next term starts in June. Another will follow in December.

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