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Combat hunger in Corona-Crisis/Support for single mothers in Mombasa, Kenya

Mombasa, Kenya

Food for single mothers in Likoni-Mombasa, Kenya. The corona crisis has hit the poorest particularly hard. Many have lost their jobs. Now we have to combat hunger. It is possible - with 3,50 Euro per day, per family!

Anja Friedrich from Verein Little Angel - ERMA Hope & Eco e.V.
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In 2010, the self-help group Little Angels was founded in a suburb of Mombasa, Kenya. The aim was to give orphans and children of poor single parents a shelter and education. In 2011 Anja Friedrich, a German woman,  visited the place and she founded an association to support them. Now, during the Covid-crises, many have lost their jobs ans sources of income have been drastically reduced. We want to help families and single mothers to combat the threat of going hungry due to the lack of income.