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Snehalayam - Home of Love and Hope for Indian Orphans in Pondicherry

A project from Snehalayam e.V.
in Chinnakalapet, India

The orphanage and children's home of Snehalayam gives a chance to those who have been forgotten and expelled by society. Help support the education and well-being of the weakest by donating. With every donation, you help to create a better world.

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The orphanage and children's home of Snehalayam in Pondicherry is strifing to give a chance to those who have been forgotten and expelled by the Indian society and political system.
Hopeless and without orientation, many homeless children live in the streets of Tamil Nadu's cities and towns. They are caught up in an everyday struggle to survive, living hand-to-mouth without any hope for a better future. In Snehalayam, these children find a place of protection, goodwill and love. Here, not only are they looked after, but they also find a chance to escape the vicious circle of poverty through supplied accomodation and education.

Snehalayam is a place of love, harmony and warmth. To create a better future for the society, these are the values that Snehalayam's leaders and social workers are communicating to the children every day. The children learn to be a part of the chain that gives hope and support to others in need.

The ideal of Snehalayam is to give the opportunity to prosper to those children who have been excluted from the economic and social growth of the Indian society. Snehalayam wants to open doors for the weakest of the society in order to create a better, more humane future for everyone.

Being in Snehalayam means being able to laugh and live without fear again. Snehalayam wants to give back to its children the trust in their ability to build a brighter future and the power to dream again. All in all, being here means being allowed to be children again.

Snehalayam e.V. is a registered non-profit organisation based in Berlin. It is run by a group of voluntary members who want to support Snehalayam in any way possible.

Many of us have been to Snehalayam ourselves to witness its great developement, which is why we would like to emphazise the fact that every single Euro, Dollar or Rupee is a great support for the family of Snehalayam.

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