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Support for single, refugee women from Syria.

Izmir, Turkey

Around 80,000 refugees from Syria and other parts of the world live in Izmir in the "Basmane" district. Half of them are women and children. With a training project we support women to lead an independent life with dignity.

Markus B. from Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.
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Dear supporters,

I am Damian and in January I will go on an aid trip to Izmir on the Turkish west coast for about 2 weeks on behalf of the Reutlingen aid organization "Drei Musketiere Reutlingen e.V.".
The "musketeers" run an educational facility there for vulnerable and disadvantaged women and their children. In this wonderful place, women are trained to become textile specialists during a four-month course. During their training, the women also have access to language courses and workshops that strengthen their self-confidence and help them to live an independent life with dignity.
While the women pursue their training in the project, their children are looked after in the local "day care". A place where you can be a carefree child and where you can escape the difficult everyday life of children in "Basmane". They are taught there, are allowed to play and paint, can do handicrafts or are allowed to work in the garden.
Around 80,000 refugees from Syria and other parts of the world live in Izmir, in a district called "Basmane". Half of them are women and children. Many of the women lost their husbands in the war or they are missing.
Due to the great need of being able to earn a living completely alone, without the protection and support of the family, for themselves and their children, many women often have no other option than to earn a living through prostitution.
We want to support these women and their children with the program, strengthen their self-confidence and show them opportunities.
As a volunteer, I will actively support the "musketeers" in the project. For example, I will help with childcare, support in workshops, but also in the kitchen, in the garden and wherever necessary, and help to enable the women and their children to lead a dignified life.
With your donation you will also become part of something important and wonderful. Every contribution helps.

Already thanks a million for your support!

Much Love,

Your damian

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