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Funded School for poor children and orphanes in Cambodia

Thavong, Cambodia

Education for orphans and poor children, who attend a small school in Cambodia, which is supported by the NGO Banyan Tree e.V.

D. Angerer from Banyan Tree e.V.
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We want to provide education for poor children and families in Banteay Meanchey, 314 km to the north-west of Phnom Penh. Many of these children have lost either one or both parents, or they live in poor families who cannot afford the basic supplies for a public school (e.g. school uniform, books, pens etc.) To ensure the education of these children, we also support the poorest families in the village according to their individual needs. Our contact person in Cambodia is Un Sophean, the founder of the NGO POC (Association for saving the poor and orphan children). During the last years we were able to accomplish several important goals, thanks to our member, donators and betterplace supporters. We covered the costs of repairing the school building, built a public well, and were able to support several children with parentships. By now, we employ 10 teachers, and ensure the attendance of the children by providing books, pencils and other school supplies. All Banyan Tree e.V. work voluntarily so that 100% of our donations can go into the project. With supporting the families and the education of the poorest children in the area, we want them to ave a future which does not depend on begging.