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Xmasgifts for refugee children in Berlin

Berlin - Kreuzberg, Germany

We ask you to help us as financial sponsor this year. We will pack about 800 gifts for 12 refugee shelters in Berlin and need about 4000 Euro. Each donations brings Xmas closer to these children.

C. Thumm from Serve the City Berlin e.V.
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Xmas is coming soon and Serve the City Berlin e. V. (STC Berlin, NGO) wants to help especially during this time of the year the most needy in our city. With this Xmasproject we want to make children smile. In 2019 STC Berlin in cooperation with other companies and organizations has packed 1.228 Xmas gifts for children in refugee shelters. 
This year everything is different. Nevertheless we want the children to have an unforgetable Xmas time. But the need is bigger than what STC Berlins capacity is like. Therefore we need partners alongside. This year the NGO was not able to run different projects and fundraising events and our financial possibilities are tight.  
Therefore we need other sponsors and helping hands who can make this project possible.