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An aid project by “Projecta” (A. Apostolov) in Sofia, Bulgaria

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A. Apostolov (Project Manager)

A. Apostolov
Give children a chance to remain with their families

Each year 2000 children aged below 3 years are abandoned by their parents in Bulgaria. 26% of all children in Bulgaria live in poverty and are at risk of abandonment.

Each day 5 Bulgarian children are abandoned by their parents and lose the opportunity to grow up in their family. Each day 5 Bulgarian children are fated to grow without mother’s care and without the warmth of a real home.

Nobody cares about the first steps of these children. Nobody keeps their first lost milk tooth. Nobody knows what their first spoken word is. And this is the faith of five more Bulgarian children …. each and every day!

SOS Madona Project is aimed to prevent the abandonment of 444 children at risk to be left off by their parents in the towns of Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Radomir and Sofia where a big number of children are being abandoned each year. The project Beneficiary and implementing organisation is SOS Kinderdorf Bulgaria (, part of SOS Kinderdorf International (

An Individual Support Programme will be designed and implemented for each child so that to avoid his/her abandonment by the parents. Depending on the concrete needs this support may include: access to health services; direct support for meeting basic child’s needs of food, clothes and medicines; educational needs support; psychological and social support and consultations for children and parents; etc. The average budget needed for one individual programme (prevention of 1 child abandonment) is 95 euro.

The support is directed to: young single mothers; low income families with more than three children; long-term unemployed parents; parents with chronic deceases and addictions and homeless families.

In 2010, SOS Kinderdorf Bulgaria prevented the abandonment of 737 children from 350 families.

Upon request, donors who donate 60 or more euro will receive their own one-year puzzle(s) from the project picture at The SOS Madona picture is symbol of the project and its cause.

The Project is managed by Projecta OOD. For additional information about the project, please contact Ms. Elena Hristova, Project Manager at

For information about the trustworthiness of the project, please contact Ms. Svetlana Todorova, PR Expert, SOS Kinderdorf Bulgaria at

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Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

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