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A project from Ibn Rushd Fund e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We need your support for our Palestinian arts and cultural festival Zait wa: Zaatar! Help us send our Exhibition "Eyes of Gaza" on a journey!

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About this project

Help us send the exhibition Eyes of Gaza  عيون غزة on a journey across Europe!

With your donation we will be able to cover the travel costs.

The exhibition Eyes of Gaza عيون غزة showcases young Gazans voices through photography. 9 young Gazans participated in a photography workshop and their work was displayed in Gaza City and is now coming to Berlin in May. With your donation we can send these images across Germany and Europe! 

In the media images of Gaza often reflect the harsh reality of the siege on Gaza. Aside from the siege and war on the Gaza strip, which Gazans have to endure, they also build and create their life in many different ways, defying the situation imposed on them. The exhibition Eyes of Gaza   عيون غزة gives a voice to the younger generation through photography. The images captured by the Gazans reflect  personal and intimate moments of their daily lives and their surroundings without being voyeuristic.  Thus the visitors of the exhibition see Gaza through the eyes of young Gazans.

These pictures also resulted in a youth exchange between the young photographers in Gaza and students from Gütersloh. The photographs are now expected to be exhibited in Berlin and later also in Gütersloh. With your help we will send the eyes of Gaza on a great journey!

 Along with the contemporary images, photographs from the early 20th century by the German theologian and researcher, Gustav Dalman, will be displayed. Our aim is to juxtapose these depictions of Gaza - the view of outsiders coming to Palestine, in search of a Holy Land and those that live there today. The contrast inevitably brings up questions about conquest, occupation, coloniality and dominating narratives.

 With your donation we will send the “Eyes of Gaza”   across Germany and Europe.  

Thank you for your support!

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