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Youth club is OPEN!

A project from "Roter Baum" Berlin UG
in Banja Luka , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our youth centre is the ONLY youth centre in our town. After years realizing activities in very bad physical conditions, we have finally got new space, BUT, also, this space we need to adjust to be youth-friendly and safe space.

M. Kleinfelder
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About this project

We are the ONLY youth center in town Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are working with youth already 24 years and during these years we have gained the trust of youth and the wider community. In the past period, we were working in very poor physical conditions. Finally, at the beginning of 2020, we have received by city authorities new working space. This new space is definitely much better than the one had before and young people already have recognized it as their space. In order to offer quality activities, we need also quality surrounding. 
Our idea offers quality leisure time in our Youth center. In our project we will organize the following activities:
1.      Musical cooking- once a week we will organize activities through which youngsters will acquire skills about basic cooking recipes from all over the world. During this activity, youngsters have the opportunity to play music and in the informal atmosphere get information about other culture from different countries. 
2.      African percussions – workshops on recreational playing African percussions 
3.      Guitar workshops 
4.      Individual counselling is done by TA counsellor 
5.      Creative workshops 
6.      Activities for the empowerment of mobility of young people 
7.      Activities for the empowerment of voluntarism
8.      Photography classes 
9.      Increasing social skills and active participation of young people 
10.   Youth library 
We will include at least 80 youngsters in different activities.
We believe that in order to offer more quality activities for youth, space and its furniture should correspond. Therefore, we need to close one part of the space with doors, in order not to lose the heat during winter months. Also, through this support, we would purchase furniture which is functional and offers storage possibilities.
To make our Youth center safe and youth-friendly we would need the following items: 
Sliding Doors (one item) –300 Euro
Multiuse benches (with storage space) – 1 000 Euros 
Paint for walls – 200 Euros 
Sectional sofa with storage (one item) – 600 Euro 
Library shelves - 400 Euros