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A project from animalfoodcollectors Wetterau n.e.V.
in Nidda, Germany

animalfoodcollectors Wetterau n.e.V., saves food and finds a meaningful use for it. We collect what bars, bakeries and supermarkets can no longer use. Waste is avoided, the environment is protected

Andreas Emmel
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Dear Sirs and Madams, did you know how many tons of food ends up in our trash, year after year? Around 12 million tons in Germany alone. Many of the products are just a little too big or small and have an expired best-before date. Our association animalfoodcollectors Wetterau n.e.V. has made it it's business to save food for a good cause. For this we work with various bakeries, supermarkets and food banks in the region, equip sanctuaries and animal welfare associations with the products. Horses, sheep, chickens and ducks are happy about the food that would otherwise have ended up in the garbage. We distribute all items that are unsuitable for animals or that are left over to people in need. Since transport, management and logistics not only cost a lot of time but also money, we are looking for financial support. Regardless of whether it is a large or small amount, one-time or long-term donation, every cent ends up in our work for a more sustainable world. Our association is recognized as a non-profit organization, and donations can be tax-deductible. Do you have any questions about our work? We will gladly answer your questions. Contact us and take a look at our website at Kind regards, - animalfoodcollectors Wetterau Andreas Emmel Board