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Themenweg "Unterirdische Schandtauber" - Dauerausstellung der Unterwelt

Schrozberg, Germany

A project to display 40+ years of underground river research to the public by means of eight info terminals right above the river.

Michael Ross from Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Stuttgart e.V.
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Not far from world-renowned Rothenburg in Southern Germany the river “Schandtauber” emerges from the depth. Few people (not even locals) know that this water travelled already more than 10km underground in a network of caves. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Höhle und Karst Stuttgart explored this network and likes to share the results of the last 40+ years with the public. Especially with visitors of the region. To facilitate this, eight info terminals shall be erected at specific locations above the underground river. Some of them allow to listen to explanations, too. Two of these locations allow actually to see the river from the top. We ask for donations to finance this project. It’s not just about caves, but about water, history, pollution, discovery.

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