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Funkgeräteanlage in Simbabwe zum Schutz des schwarzen Nashorns vor Wilderei

Chipinge, Zimbabwe

Black rhinos in Zimbabwe are on the verge of extinction because of poaching for their horn, which fetches twice the price of gold on the black market. The repair of the radio communication system should improve their protection in the long term.

Jörg von Netzer from AWARE Germany e.V.
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Expansion and digitalization of the radio station in Chipinge National Park in Zimbabwe to improve the protection of the last black rhinos

Chipinge Park has been a designated conservation area of 261 square kilometers in southeastern Zimbabwe since 1975. Besides its endangered population of black rhinos (black rhinoceroses), the park is important for the migration of wild animals in the "Great Limpopo", in the Greater Zimbabwe-Mozambique-South Africa region. 

Both subsistence poaching by wire snares and mafia-structured poaching of rhinos is a major problem in Chipinge. 

AWARE Germany e. V. is a German non-profit conservation organization and is the German partner organization of AWARE Trust Zimbabwe, a foundation founded in 2004 by wildlife veterinarians Dr. Keith Dutlow and Dr. Lisa Marabini in Zimbabwe and based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Dr. Dutlow and Dr. Marabini both grew up in Zimbabwe (see and  

AWARE's success is due to the fact that its leaders, as Zimbabwean citizens, are familiar with the language and customs of the country, have been active for many years, and are well connected with the relevant authorities and other NGOs.  

AWARE supplies the ranger stations with technical equipment, e.g. radios, solar panels, GPS devices, camera traps, night vision equipment, patrol vehicles, but also tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, rain gear, clothing, shoes, food rations, etc. The organization of gamekeeper training is also one of our tasks. The wildlife veterinarians of AWARE Trust volunteer to take care of veterinary measures in the parks, including emergency operations for animals damaged by poaching, especially endangered or ecologically important species such as rhinos, elephants and lions. 

In March 2019, Cyclone Idai destroyed, among other things, the mast of the radio communication system in the park, which is now to be repaired and further radio masts erected in order to ensure a nationwide radio communication in the park.  

Finally, the system is to be linked to the "earth ranger" software (see, so that the location of the individual rangers can be determined in real time and displayed on the screen.  

An investment of EU 40.000,- is required for the expansion of the radio system (detailed cost plan on request at

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