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5 loaves and 2 fishes

A project from DANDELION gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
in Bulacan, Philippines

We distribute weekly relief packages to the poorest of the poor who lost their jobs and all prospects for their families in the Philippines during the world's toughest and longest lockdown. We need 5 € / week per family. thanks! maraming salamat

Ute Ranft
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About this project

The toughest and longest lockdown in history happened in the Philippines - and it's still not over.

On March 15, 2020, the world's longest lockdown began in the Philippines.
From one day to the next, countless people lost their jobs and thus their income. The great hunger began.
Our closest employee on site sits right in the middle and reports after the last relief action:
"88 families received food parcels with 3 kg of rice, various vegetables (bitter gourd, okra, pumpkin, eggplant, beans), 3 cans of canned food, 3 x pasta.
With the help of a small team of 6 including my eldest son Gabe (4), we gave away all of these relief packages and went home with a smile. It is indeed very fulfilling and heartwarming to see these people smile and hear endless "thank you". Some of them even said that we came very on time because they have nothing to eat that day and these food packages will keep them alive for the next 3 days.
Before that, as a small team, we had some challenges how to buy this amount of food. Currently, most grocery stores are not allowed to dispense large quantities. You can only sell "normal household quantities". By the way to find someone who could supply us with large quantities, we thought about shortening the suppliers' supply chain and getting the items straight from there. We were able to make a deal, but the supplier charged us again. But we still made it and it was delivered to us within a day (with extra delivery costs of course).

In short, it was a great day handing out those relief packages. It was indeed fulfilling and heartwarming when they all said thank you .... "

Even the 4 year old Gabe was very impressed to be able to take part in this campaign. He should be able to experience for himself why his parents give away so much food instead of hoarding it himself (and never going hungry again :-D) ...

The entire village has approx. 14,000 inhabitants - as long as we cannot provide everyone with food at once, these actions have to take place very quietly, "under the radar" so to speak, so that there is no riot over food.
In this way we could provide 80-100 of the poorest families with a grocery package worth around € 5 every week.
We need every help for that!
thank you - maraming salamat