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Development recycling center kenya - exchange rubbish against education

lusigeti, Kenya

Recyclingcenter in kenya - waste can exchanged against different recycling and handcraft workshops and upcyceled products or washable hygiene articels (diapers and sanitary napkins)

Natascha Kühne from Taka Taka e.V.
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We would like to build up a recycling main center of Taka Taka project. There we would like to infom about or ways of support and to share about our conditions to be part of our partnerprogramm.
Everyone has the oppertunity to drop clean and seperated waste. We would like to inform about environmentally problems and we would like to show young people solutions and possibilties to handle waste and create in the same time a new products out of it or get new knowledge.

 They can drop different types of waste and exchange them against different workshops and neccessary products like hygiene products. 
 offered workshops
 - Recycling workshops (bags from wastes, glasscutting, furnitures out of tires, ecobricks) 
 - sewingworkshops
 - woodworking workshops
products for exchange:
 - washable diapers
 - washable sanitary napkins
 - recycling shopping bags
 - recycling chairs
 - recycling drinking glasses

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