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"EmergenSEA Kit"- Together for a healthy environment!

A project from everwave (ehemals Pacific Garbage Screening)
in Aachen, Germany

Help us to bring the EmergenSEA kit into German classrooms and make environmental education accessible to EVERYONE!

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About this project

We want to clean rivers and protect the sea from plastic waste through technical innovation and ecological inspiration towards a sustainable future!

The "EmergenSEA" educational kit offers the opportunity to work on the topics of oceans, plastics and resource protection with school classes in an interdisciplinary way.
In close cooperation with educators, we have developed four learning modules of 3 thematic modules each, which can all be freely combined with each other. The teachers can set their own priorities and adapt the material to their own needs.

Teachers will find a guide with background information, lesson structure and solution sheets in the EmergenSEA Kit. The material for students includes classic worksheets, but also many educational games and instructions for suitable experiments to experience and learn with all senses.

The PGS EmergenSEA Kit is aimed at all interested multipliers in the educational sector. Our EmergenSEA Kit is available in two versions: For primary school (3rd - 4th grade) and for secondary school (5th - 10th grade).

During development, it was important to us that the content is clearly arranged, the material is practice-oriented, has a professional graphic design and is fun to work with! Therefore, the worksheets are illustrated with lovely drawings and on their journey the students  encounter the mascots Lisa Leuchte and Tessa Tinte.

We have put great emphasis on sustainabilty while producing the EmergenSEA Kits- starting with the suppliers to the material itself. The price includes all material costs (printed brochures, experiments, suitcases), as well as production costs and a share of the development and processing costs. Unfortunately not every educational institution can afford this price.

The EmergenSEA kit encourages young people to take a long-term interest in environmental protection. Every single student can become a small multiplier and spread the fun sides and the importance of environmental protection.

We want to make our EmergenSEA Kit accessible to everyone, and to carry it to all regions and school types in Germany.

But as a non-profit organisation, we cannot afford to do this alone.

Therefore we need your help! Everyone can contribute with even the smallest donation to finance suitcase by suitcase and make it available to more and more children and teachers. Thank you!