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Closed COVID-19: Protecting a generation of children

A project from Save the Children
in Berlin, Germany

Please support the battle of Save the Children against COVID-19 with an unrestricted donation. This enables us to react quickly and reach the children who need our help the most!

Pia Gralki
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About this project

The coronavirus is spreading worldwide. The situation is particularly alarming in crisis areas and in very poor regions. Especially in those areas there is already a lack of clean water and soap, and living conditions sometimes make it very difficult for people to stay away from each other for mutual protection: For example in the many overcrowded refugee camps around the world.
Save the Children is working hard on solutions for the best possible protection of children and their families in our operational areas.

Your donation will be unrestricted and enables us to react quickly and reach the children who need our help the most!

Save the Children has 100 years of experience in dealing with crises and epidemics. 

Our global response to the COVID-19 has four priorities:
  • Mitigate the impact of the pandemic on child survival
  • Help children learn, stay safe, and return to school
  • Support family survival and food security through safety nets
  • Keep children, families and communities safe
Save the Children teams around the world work as one and by coordinating their relief efforts. The health experts of the Emergency Health Unit, Save the Children's emergency aid team, are active in many countries and are expanding their measures to protect people against the coronavirus.

Our activities in Europe focus on providing support in the areas of education and psychosocial care, while the focus is on health education and preventive hygiene measures in Africa, the Middle East or Asia.

In the Philippines, for example, we distribute hygiene products such as soap and disinfectants as well as educational material. In the Rohingya Refugee Camp Cox´s Bazar in Bangladesh, we recently opened an Isolation and Treatment Centre with a capacity of 60 beds. In the Somali region of Ethiopia a camel carries books to children as part of the Save the Children camel library. We have also established reading camps. In Sudan, Save the Children works closely with the health authorities, for example in distributing information material, training health personnel, distributing respiratory masks and setting up isolation wards.