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Let's Plant Addis! School Project for Reforestation in Ethiopia

A project from Let's Plant e.V.
in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Reforestation of a degraded area near Addis Ababa in cooperation with the students of the German school and the Ethiopian Forestry Institute. Every € donated ensures the sustainable planting of 1 tree!

Marco Hödtke
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About this project

Together with the environmental group of the German school in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa (DBSAA) and the Ethiopian Forestry Institute (EEFRI), we, the non-profit association Let's Plant e.V., have launched a reforestation project. The project is called Let's Plant Addis. The goals of the project are:

  • to plant 10,000 trees on an eroded or degraded area,
  • to guarantee the sustainable growth of the trees and
  • to actively involve the students in the reforestation process.

An eroded or degraded area is characterized mainly by the fact that various influences have caused the land to lose its fertility. These influences are very often due to humans, for example, because they have overused the land. However, infertility can also come from desiccation, salinization or erosion.

This increasing degradation can be counteracted by planting trees. However, it is important for the success that the trees will be planted sustainably. This means that we want to ensure that the young seedlings are sufficiently supplied with water in their initial phase and are protected against browsing by wild animals. In the long term, they should also be protected from illegal logging.

Just as the project is important for nature, it is also important for the development of the young students. They are actively participating in the design of the project by having already developed ideas for implementation in various school working groups. In doing so, they can and should gain experience and expand their environmental awareness. At least once a month, they will have the opportunity to visit the area and experience the growth of the trees. Various events are also planned in this context to raise their awareness of sustainable reforestation, and in which they can also communicate this awareness to others.

With the donations received so far, the seeds for the local tree species "African juniper" (Juniperus procera), "African redwood" (Hagenia abyssinica) and "African olive tree" (Olea africana) could be purchased and grown in the tree nursery of the forestry institute as well as in a self-built tree nursery on the grounds of the German school. Also the planting of the seedlings on a suitable area under the support of local workers, who received a fair payment, could be financed so far. Many thanks for the donations!

To ensure irrigation as well as protection from wildlife and people with bad intentions, Let's Plant Addis still needs more donations! For the protection on the one hand guards will be hired and on the other hand a fence around the area will be built, which will additionally protect the young trees in the first years. Every donated Euro can guarantee this for one tree - so every Euro counts!