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Join the fight against Coronavirus in *Moria Refugee Camp

A project from Wadi e.V.
in Mytilene, Greece

This fundraising event has been curated by Wadi to raise funds for Stand By Me Lesvos who provide material, logistical, and coordination support to refugee-led groups inside *Moria to prevent the spread of COVID and improve quality of life.

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About this project

We support our Greek partner, Stand By Me Lesvos, in keeping the camp and the communities of Moria* safe. SBML supports and facilitates the work of 3 refugee-led groups and provides support for the vulnerable communities of Lesvos. *In early September, fires consumed Moria, leaving thousands of people who already had so little without shelter and access to basic services. We have been able to revive some of our old projects in the new location and have begun new projects within the local community of Lesvos. 

MORIA CORONA AWARENESS TEAM (MCAT): Created in March by residents of Moria* with goals to focus on the education of the communities within the camp on the importance of good hygiene and implemented a process for bottle recycling and the distribution of clean water. The goal of the recycling project is to exchange bottles of drinking water in return for clean, empty plastic bottles to be recycled. Every day 15,000 empty plastic bottles are recycled and exchanged for 1500 bottles of cold water. Awareness: Posters are currently hung in camp to raise awareness about waste and recycling and proper hygiene techniques. MCAT teaches residents about the importance of wearing masks and how to wear them properly. 

MORIA WHITE HELMETS (MWH): Created over a common cause and frustration with the conditions inside Moria*. Waste management systems and rubbish collection points are established and maintained by MWH daily to keep the camp as clean as possible. MWH also helps the municipality by cleaning outside the camp and is trained in first aid to provide life-saving services to the residents in the camp. 

MORIA ACADEMIA: Offers language education for children, women, and men equipping people with the necessary skills to integrate into their new community and begin their life in new locations. We are currently developing an e-learning platform. Students will be able to enroll in classes and download learning materials and keep track of their progress on their phones.

GOODS AND FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Twice a week we supply food for our team members and their families which represent 200 to 500 people. In close collaboration with the coordinators of each partner team on site, the coordinators and managers of the partner teams distribute directly to all members; promoting the distribution of their own aid to their own communities.