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Gamingapp for Social Workers and Clients

A project from Co-Familien e.V.
in Stuttgart, Germany

Children need stable adult caregivers with whom they can share their needs and fears. Family helpers need interaction in order to be able to properly assess children's needs. Ruby Ballon combines both playfully via app.

Sabrina Langenohl
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About this project

Strong child protection requires regular contact between the children and family helpers and other professionals. Even after Corona, forms of contact are needed that replace or supplement direct presence.
Ruby Ballon creates one such contact opportunity. Ruby Ballon is a game app with integrated video chat for children between 3 and 11 years of age. Playing together with the child is the platform for regular contact. For the children, Ruby Ballon ties in with their own world. The professionals get an impression of how the child is doing through communication and playing together. Playing together can make it easier to talk about the child's wishes and problems.
We - that's a team made up of Lisa Straßer, Matthias Kammermeyer and Sabrina Langenohl - met at the #carehacktcorona hackathon and have been working together virtually on the development of this idea since then. With the prize money won by the BW Foundation, we have developed a prototype and now need further support to make the project ready for the market.
What should the app be able to do?
  • Keep an eye on children for a long time
  • enable regular, flexible appointments with children in family welfare but also other professional contexts
  • make new technologies usable in child and youth welfare
  • Be aware of the needs of children and improve child protection
  • offer high professional standards through diagnostic and supportive games
  • Safe to use - in terms of privacy and for the children
What do we need donations for?
  • Development and integration of a secure video chat - approx. € 6,000
  • Further development of the prototype, integration of at least 2 games with a supportive and diagnostic focus - approx. € 12,800
After that, the game would be ready to be tested by a wider range of users.
We plan to be able to sell the app soon as possible. It can be acquired and used by family helpers and other professionals.
The three of us are currently working on the project on a voluntary basis in a small team. If we manage to finance the development costs with your help, the application should cover the running costs (updates, support, further development, general organization, sales etc.) itself.
In addition to donors, we are also looking for the first testers. More on this on our website