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Closed Recovery Care Center For HIV Patients

Recovery Care Centre is primarily a concept of mental & physical care, not only a specific place for medical treatment.

T. Acharya from Rescue FoundationWrite a message

Our humanitarian activities involves rescuing, rehabilitating, and reintegrating victims of human trafficking, more for sex trafficking, girls who are sold for forced prostitution. From experience, we find that at least 3o% to 35% of the girls in our home are HIV +ve. Also, most of the girls have other serious sexually transmitted diseases and infection. Since they are from very poor backgrounds and have been exploited in the brothels they are easily susceptible to various illnesses leading to sexually transmitted diseases and serious health complications.

These girls require special attention and care not just limited to their medication but their well being depends on the environment in which they stay; providing them intricate counseling at every stage and an overall positive attitude towards life helps them a great deal to come out of their traumatic past depression.

There is a need to provide these girls special care and nutritious food, rich with proteins and vitamins to improve their resistance.

The reason the project has been planned at Boisar is to have a Recovery Care Centre outside the city pollution and amidst a sprawling, green, serene atmosphere. Being in the lap of nature would ensure that they recover faster, both emotionally and physically.

Also, the locate is full of greenery and there is lot of open space to provide a relaxing environment to these girls. Since the girls are very young, providing them with such facilities amidst nature will induce in them a will to live thus helping them to recover.

Apart from providing them medical facilities in the Recovery Care Centre, we shall ensure that they become emotionally strong and imbibe a lot of zeal and jest to live a happy and longer life ahead.

The Recovery Care Centre would also have “FUN SPACE”, library with variety of books including moral stories and fairy tales for these young girls; indoor games, puzzles, drawing etc to bring out the hidden talent in them. We shall also use different therapy techniques to treat them.

Gardening will help them not just to engage themselves creatively but would also provide them with farm – fresh vegetables and fruits for consumption as well as to create income for their immediate financial needs after repatriation & also for sustainability of the organization.