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HETI 12mR sailing yacht

A project from Stiftung Hamburg Maritim
in Hamburg, Germany

The historic 12mR sailing yacht HETI belongs to the cultural heritage of the city of Hamburg and has to be preserved through ongoing renovations. Your donation helps us to maintain the beauty of the ship and to let it sail safely.

A. Pflüger
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About this project

The HETI is an icon of the yacht sport and Hamburg yacht building tradition. 

Designed by the famous yacht builder and shipyard owner Max Oertz, she was launched in 1912 in Hamburg-Neuhof on Reiherstieg at the Oertz shipyard. She was built for Hermann Eschenburg, a timber trader from Lübeck, who entered her in the Kieler Woche and other national and international sailing regattas. 

The Hamburg Maritime Foundation, as the owner of this sailing beauty, is preserving the racing sailing yacht as a cultural heritage of the city of Hamburg. 
The operation of the HETI is organized by the company association "Freunde der Segelyacht HETI e.V.". Here captains and crew are organized, the schedule and regattas are planned and all work is coordinated.
HETI takes part in the parade trips to the Hamburg harbour birthday every year, is then transferred to the Baltic Sea for the summer season and lies in front of the Kieler Yacht Club in accordance with her status as a historic racing yacht.
From there she takes part in a whole series of classic regattas in the Baltic Sea area. A fitting setting to move the gaff-rigged HETI in style and present her to the sailing world. 

Important donations are needed for ongoing operations, pending repairs and the purchase of important equipment. 

The crew of the HETI works with great enthusiasm to maintain, repair and move the yacht safely. Most of the work is done by the crew themselves. The financial resources can be saved. Only for special topics specialists are consulted. 

As safety is of paramount importance on a historic yacht without railing and sea fence, emergency plans, routines and training for the HETI have been developed in the crew with the help of second crew members, an experienced naval officer and an aircraft captain.
The safety equipment is currently being checked and revised. 
New life jackets have already been purchased, the life rafts are serviced annually, the radio and navigation system is getting old and now needs to be replaced and extended by a modern one. 

The important safety equipment also includes vital pumps, which are able to keep the ship afloat as long as possible in case of water ingress. The pumps have been checked, they need to be replaced and extended.

During the last winters, the already worn wooden deck was maintained as good as possible, now it has to be replaced. The area has been measured and offers for replacement with teak have been requested, the work sequence is planned with the boatman and boatbuilder and the costs for the work are determined. 

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