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Collecting judical evidences against medically criminal association

A project from Lighthands Under Protection e.V.
in Eberswalde, Germany

Fight against the blood scamer from the Philippines! Lighthands e.V. can document a false doctor's crimes and collect court enforceable evidences to indict him in Russia.

Barbara Schönfeld
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About this project

Lighthands e.V. is investigating a Filipino healer who had proven treat seriously ill patients in Russia with highly infectious blood in his treatments.

We have received a confession from the perpetrator and have documented in over 100 cases that he is cheating people for large sums of money and deliberately endangering your life without your knowledge. A child died in Moscow after his treatment.

Unfortunately, our evidence cannot be used in court. With Russian private investigators and lawyers, therefore we collect judical evidences for an indictment in Russia. Two criminal proceedings in the Philippines have been running since 2019.

In order to uncover the criminal network of corrupt clinics and accomplices, we need first 2,000 €. The money goes entirely to a specialist who leads the investigation in Russia.