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Lebenshof für alte/ behinderte Tiere - Jugendliche übernehmen Verantwortung

A project from Tierschutzverein Verantwortung Leben e.V.
in Hosenfeld, Germany

On our life farm we take in particular old and handicapped animals. Many children and young people help us on our animal welfare work. They are the animal welfare activists of tomorrow and learn to take responsibility for the animals with us.

Uwe H.
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About this project

The animal welfare association "Tierschutzverein Verantwortung Leben e.V." operates an animal protection barn in Hosenfeld-Hainzell, which we call the Lebenshof, where animals (including horses and cats) are taken in, cared for and mediated. 

Our association motto is: "Saving an animal does not change the whole world, but the whole world changes for this animal.

One focus of our animal protection work is that Verantwortung Leben e.V. especially cares for old and disabled animals in the local region of Fulda / Rhön / Vogelsberg, which are no longer accepted by other organisations. Animals that have been in shelters for a long time are adopted by us and then moved to a new home mediated. The oldest horse is 36 years old at the moment and cats aged 12-20 find a loving home through us.

We involve  young people on our farm in the daily animal welfare work. In this way they learn at an early stage how to treat old and handicapped animals with respect. In this way we achieve a lasting effect, as the customers and young people act as multipliers.

A rather unusual picture: Children take responsibility for animals without conditions and ask what it brings them. They are naturally introduced to a responsible treatment of living beings and of course sometimes confronted with bad fates.

We are also proud that some of the young people have found their professional way into animal care and veterinary medicine.