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The Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. vets need your help!

A project from Kilimanjaro Animal CREW
in Machame, Tanzania

Eli and Lazlo, better known as the ‘Kili vets’, have dedicated their lives to wildlife and environmental education in Tanzania. Due to the Corona-pandemic, their projects are running short of funding and urgently need YOUR help!

Dr. Susann Mörl
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About this project

There is a little piece of paradise, called Makoa Farm, located on the slopes of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania, East Africa. Makoa is home to Elisabeth Stegmaier and Laszlo Paizs, the Kili vets, who have treated animals in need, whether domestic or wildlife species, as well as participated in nationwide rapid response operations to rescue injured or orphaned wildlife (always in collaboration with the Tanzanian Wildlife Authorities) and offered environmental and conservation education to the future generation of Tanzania.
An average of 80 animals are looked after on Makoa with almost daily additions needing medical treatment. The highest priority for all wildlife species is to be rehabilitated and reintroduced to the wild. For those that will never be fit enough again for the wild, there will always be a place with lifelong care. Currently, Makoa is busy with 2 orphaned elephants, 2 zebra foals, several small bushbabies, a subadult crowned eagle, numerous owls, and last but not least, two extremely adorable, but also demanding serval kittens. Each and everyone gets the needed medical and physical care - and more, until they have been nursed back to health or adulthood. 
Apart from the wildlife clinic, Eli and Laszlo have rolled out an education programme for Tanzania’s youngest population group and have set-up the Forest Kindergarten in conjunction with Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Programme that teaches kids from the surrounding villages not only how to read and write, but also how to look after their natural heritage and to respect wildlife. 
 All of the mentioned rescue operations and support projects cost a lot of money. The procurement of specialised milk formula for elephants has been extremely challenging under the current transport restrictions due to the pandemic and much more expensive than usual. Apart from donations, these activities usually are funded through income generated from Makoa’s horseback riding safaris, as well as tourists visiting the facilities. However, due to the corona-pandemic donations are down to zero, and tourism income is low.
Treating and looking after animals in need is not just a job for Eli and Lazlo, but a dedication. If you would like to support their rescue, conservation and education projects, please take part in this fundraising request. Every Dollar, Euro, Pound or unit in whatever currency counts!