Funded Equip the centre for deaf children in Madagascar

An aid project by “Association Tànana Mirana” (M. Rafanomezantsoa) in Antananarivo, Madagascar

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M. Rafanomezantsoa (Project Manager)

M. Rafanomezantsoa
Can deaf people dance professionally? Yes they can, and they can do much more if they are offered proper support. This support is given by the “Association Tànana Mirana” - a centre for deaf. It is led since the year 2000 by Mirana, a former nationally known dancer.

Around 30 deaf children and youths as well as a few mentally challenged persons receive here proper help for school and living, as well as daily meals. Deaf educators accompany the pupils into regular local schools and translate the lessons into sign language.

On Saturday a beloved activity takes place: from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. the kids are offered several professional dance lessons. Teachers and children dance standards, choreographies or Rock and Roll until the floor almost starts burning.

Also hearing children from local schools enjoy dance lessons at the centre - given by a deaf dancing educator. These encounters help the hearing children to overcome the wide spread prejudices against deaf people.

The centre is situated near Antananarivo. The two-floored building consists of a classroom, a lounge, a dancing-room, a kitchen, a bathroom and an office. Downstairs there is a wardrobe and a store.

The daily operation is secured by the Swiss Association Mirana and supported by Tsarabe-Madagascar and PRIORI-travels.

But there are needs which exceed this budget.

We need to use the lounge for coaching (extra tuitions in lunch break) as the classroom became too small. Therefore we need a whiteboard.

In Madagascar there are many electricity blackouts. We need to protect the electronic equipment, especially our computer, with an "UPS"-device.

For more information please see our organization profile here on Betterplace.
Mirana, head of the centre, likes to answer questions in English and French. The internet-connection here is quite insecure and the answers may take some days. We beg you for patience.

Please help us to improve the centre and secure its professional work.
Thank you very much for your kind support!

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Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar

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  • This black machine on the floor is the UPS that we've bought. We can work on the computer quietly even there is a blackout electricity.

    Uploaded at 26-05-2012

  • This is the white board that we 've got with your support. Thanks a lot.

    Uploaded at 26-05-2012

  • Uploaded at 30-11-2011