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Well drilling in Tanzania is like sinking Cologne Cathedral. So to say :-)

A project from Mapiti e.V.
in Mgora, Tanzania

Of course, we only want to submerge the Cologne Cathedral, if at all, visually. It is 157m high. The groundwater we want to reach is 150m deep underground. Madness! Unfortunately, well drilling costs per meter. Help us to make meters!

Vera Hohmeier
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About this project

For people who do not have access to clean water, a drinking water supply is one of their dearest wishes.
They will never ever be able to manage this financially alone.
That is why we support them with your help in their project.

According to the present offer from the well drilling company, the entire system, including soil test and pumping system, costs around 20,000 euros.

We did our homework. We were authorized by the authorities on site as the project executing agency to work together with the massai community to reach their goal. We discussed the procedure at eye level with the council of elders of the Masai community and are in regular contact. The necessary soil test was carried out by the well drilling company and the results were evaluated. Three potential drill points were identified and marked with a wooden stake.

Up to this point, everything has already been financed by donations.

Now it's time to do the meter. Support the project and thus the Massai community of Mgora with your (centi-) meter donation!

John Bunyan already knew: You did not live today until you did something for someone who can never repay you.

Thank you so much! ♥

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