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Help Wilson in Ecuador

A project from ZNM - zusammen stark! e. V.
in Quito, Ecuador

Little Wilson in Ecuador with centronuclear myopathy is dependent to a ventilator for breathing. To be able to leave the hospital and to stay with his family supply material and money for the doctor

Holger Fischer
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About this project

During the pandemic, ventilators are in short supply. And especially for a family in Ecuador it seemed almost impossible to find a ventilator and have it flown to the small hospital where their one year old son Wilson was treated.

But two organizations on two different continents have joined forces to not only find a device, but to donate and ship it just in time - all with the help of families who have one thing in common: Their children have centronuclear myopathy (CNM).

Wilson, too, suffers from this life-threatening condition. It's a very rare muscle disease that makes Wilson very weak. He can hardly move. He needs a feeding tube and a ventilator to help him breathe. However, this does not slow him down in his playful determination and his desire to know and discover the world as he develops like other toddlers.
In Ecuador, the health care system cannot provide a mobile respirator for parents to bring their child home. This means that the family must either leave him in hospital for his entire life or find a way to pay for a ventilator themselves.

His family was desperate to bring Wilson home and contacted our organization ZNM - Zusammen Stark! e.V. We immediately contacted the Joshua Frase Foundation (JFF), which is known for managing a medical device exchange program in the USA. And indeed, we managed to find and ship a ventilator for Wilson.

The device works very well, so Wilson can now go home and have wonderful experiences with his family and friends! This was literally a gift of life. The joy of the family at being able to bring their child home is immeasurable! Here you can watch a video reporting about the action. It shows Wilson's family, Alison Frase from JFF and Jen Bilbao from ZNM - Zusammen Stark! 

We hope to be able to help the family to cover their other expenses. Money is needed for consumables for the ventilator and for medical care at home, among other things. 

Are you ready to help Wilson? 

Donate here. ZNM - zusammen stark! e. V. will use the money completely to send Wilson's family the urgently needed consumables.