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60 years Kreuzpfadfinderbund Wuppertal - with friends from all over the wor

Wuppertal, Germany

The Kreuzpfadfinderbund Wuppertal celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021! Among other things, we would like to offer an international camp with a subsequent programme in Wuppertal to as many international guests as possible.

Jamie Lee H. from Freundes- und Förderkreis des Kreuzpfadfinderbund
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Dear friends, dear companions, dear sponsors,

the Kreuzpfadfinderbund Wuppertal exists since 1951 in Wuppertal In our groups, we have been educating young people for almost 60 years to lead independent, responsible lives in a community. In doing so, we convey values such as tolerance, social commitment, friendship and environmental awareness. Our association is democratically organised and is based exclusively on voluntary work. 

We enjoy being on the road. On trips, camps and actions we come together, often we visit foreign countries. 
International friendships have been built up over the decades in Wuppertal's twin cities such as Matagalpa in Nicaragua, Kosice in Slovakia, Mongolia, Russia and Chesterfield in England. These contacts are incredibly valuable for all ages, as they show us how small the world is when you have the same goals and values in an idea like scouting.

We would like to celebrate our 60th anniversary with many activities in and around Wuppertal. A central campaign will be our federal camp in August 2021. For this and for a following week in Wuppertal with a stay with a host family, visits to the surrounding area and a lot of program we would like to ask you for a donation, so that we can invite a colourful group of participants to Wuppertal. Perhaps your donations can help us to make it possible for some young people to travel to Germany and participate in this intercultural exchange. 

We are happy about every contribution. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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