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Water Is Life, Together vs. Covid-19 Part I, 1./3.Phase

A project from Home of World e.V.
in Ebolowa, Douala, Édea, Yaoundé, Cameroon

COVID-19 in Cameroon! Donate 7 days protection package to more than 6000 young people, including street & orphans, disabled or seriously ill children, HIV &AIDs, as well as medical staff & caregivers. Together we are strong! Together vs COVID-19! !

Home of World e.V.
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About this project

In Cameroon an increasing number of more than 1334 cases of which more than 163 deaths were reported. The cities of Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam, Bertoua, Maroua, Edea, Kribi, Limbé & Ébolowa are the most affected; the deficiencies in the water & health infrastructure as well as sanitation, especially in Èbolowa are striking. The transitional town of Édea, where the main outbreaks of the epidemic are taking place, is highly exposed to the virus.

More than 51% of the population is under 14 years of age. More than 70% among others public health centres, orphanages as well as schools in the country are undersupplied, which is very neglected in the surrounding & rural areas. Most of them still have no access to clean drinking water and lack medical & protective equipment, especially for regular home visits of sick people & quarantine care.

As a result of this & of fear of infection, most of them do not accept patients or children anymore. Lack of scientific knowledge & information about Covid-19 & other tropical diseases leads to quarantine of patients with mild colds with Covid infected patients. Medical staff, resident patients are exposed to contamination with the virus. HIV- & AIDS infected patients, have an immune system very weak to survive this. Disabled centers & orphanages only survive thanks to the individual donor, as government subsidies are not sufficient, are financially, mentally & physically limited for a regular purchase of suitable protective masks, which is sold from 1 €/piece on the market.

The street children continue to live defenceless and neglected on the streets. The wearing of protective masks is compulsory, otherwise a fine of 10€ will be imposed. Washing their hands when there is a lack of water is unfortunately unreasonable for them, a hurdle.

Without these basic elements an effective protection against this virus is not possible. 

The project is carried out in 3 phases. In the 1st phase we want to start with emergency and preventive measures as well as educational work for people in desperate need  and seriously ill people in rural and urban areas affected by the corona virus. The aim is to provide 7 days protection package (protective mask, soap as disinfectant) to the target group & institutes of the project & to convey science-based information about corona virus via cultural street theatre.

In the 2nd phase we went to promote permanent & environmentally friendly measures as well as  microeconomic development and the autonomy of the population. (See Part II).