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An aid project by “Fair Earth Foundation for Human Wellness” (M. Mbabazi) in Kasese, Uganda

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M. Mbabazi (Project Manager)

M. Mbabazi
Fair Earth Foundation for Human Wellness operates an orphanage of 55 kids on the outskirts of Kasese municipality in western Uganda. We face challenges of feeding these kids. We would like to establish a poultry farm of 500 layers that will produce eggs for the kids to have a variety in their diet and also the project will serve as a source of income to meet some other needs of the centre eg buy toys for the kids, meet medical costs for the kids etc.

As explained above, the issue we are working upon is the better nutrition of the kids in our orphanage. Although we have a donor who helped us put up the premises for the orphanage and is still meeting the running costs of the orphanage including paying for the school fees of the 55 orphans, we often find ourselves lacking lots of other things. For example due to budgetary constraints, we find ourselves feeding the kids on one kind of meal everyday. A small group of them (the youngest of them ages 4-6) take porridge in the mornings without sugar. The older ones go to school where they take no breakfast. This impairs their ability to concentrate which eventually affects their school grades. Sometimes, we find ourselves running short of finances to pay eg for essentials like sanitary pads for the girls which we have in our budget but which is sometimes affected by other urgent needs. So the project would provide us with an extra income outside the fixed monthly amount from our donor which would enable us to run the project better. At the peak of production (between 400-500 eggs daily), we would be assured of up to $ 25 daily that would greatly boost our budget for a successful project.

Below is a budget of how is required for the project:
-500 one month old chicks- $ 1,000
-Transport from Kampala to Kasese $ 400
-Shelter for the birds- $ 1,800 (20 iron sheets, chain link, wooden planks,
nails, labor and other costs)
-Chicken feeds and drugs for 2 months- $ 1,000

Total= USD 4,200

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Location: Kasese, Uganda

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  • Uploaded at 09-11-2011

  • Uploaded at 09-11-2011