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Covid-19: Prevent another catastrophe in Yemen

A project from Vision Hope International e.V.
in Hajja and Hodeidah, Yemen

Millions of people in Yemen depend on humanitarian & medical aid to survice. The outbreak of Covid-19 makes the situation there even more dramatic. Vision Hope is there to help: Please help as well!

Elis Tarelli
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About this project

Yemen, a war-ravaged country has experienced a severe humanitarian crisis due to famine, floods and the several notable disease outbreaks including cholera, diphtheria, measles, and dengue fever.  

Now they are yet to face another potential catastrophe due to the risks related to the outbreak of COVID-19. 

Yemen will not be able to contain and manage the COVID 19 pandemic by itself, and without external support the health infrastructure will collapse and claim many lives.  The situation in Yemen is characterised by: 

  • Weak health systems and infrastructure (overcrowded and poorly equipped hospitals, overstretched health workers, insufficient laboratory capacity, inadequate personal protective equipment, lack of isolation facilities and limited intensive care units
  • High levels of poverty combined with the poor health situation of the population and lack of access to good health care
Nevertheless, even in this situation we want to bring hope!

Therefore, we would like to engage our capabilities and staff in Yemen to bring concrete help to the local communities there.

Specifically, we want to not just raise awareness in the community and train in self-protection measures, but furthermore to distribute hygiene kits to the thousands of families in the communities we serve as a first step. 

Furthermore we also want to provide families with food packages. This aid is urgently needed, not only in view of the already difficult situation due to the war there, but also because of the increased lack of access to food due to the lockdown measures in Yemen to stop the spread of COVID-19.