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We building a new home for our antique Swiss train

A project from Museumsbahn Buckower Kleinbahn e.V.
in Buckow(Märkische Schweiz), Germany

We want to build a new locomotive shed for a hundred-year-old, one of a kind Swiss locomotive. Currently, the old Dame is parked outdoors under a tarp. The new shed is designed to be a dry and vandal-proof storage space.

Museumsbahn Buckower Kleinbahn e.V.
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About this project

In 2017, we were able to add a very special vehicle to the inventory of Museum Railway vehicles. A Swiss original year of manufacture 1920. In a fundraiser specially created, around € 32,000 could be raised to finance the road transport from Orbe (Switzerland) to Buckow as well as the refurbishment and approval for operation on the Buckow - Müncheberg route. With today's fundraiser, we want to finance the construction of a new locomotive shed and thus a worthy home for this classic car. The vehicle absolutely needs a dry and above all vandal-proof storage facility. The vehicle is currently protected with a tarpaulin in the winter months. This is not a permanent solution and is not the best option for the paint. Our architect has estimated a total of € 49,000 for the construction. This sum does not yet include the ancillary construction costs as well as doors and windows. The good news is we don't start collecting from 0. Together with the donations from the previous campaign and newer donations for the shed, we already have an initial capital of € 12,000. We hope this can be an incentive to increase this amount with your help. In order not to have a giant entire mountain, we stagger this collection campaign for several goals to be achieved. It is therefore possible to select a sub-project for support and funding. That should be the scaffolding, the timber, the carpentry, the roof covering, construction metal parts, screws and nails, crane hours, roof sub-panels, roofing work for the sub-structure, roof tiles and the gutter material including the plumbing work for the gutters.