Funded Training Women to Establish Cooperatives

An aid project by “Freunde Ugandas e.V.” (I. Schummer) in Buwama, Uganda

I. Schummer (Project Manager)

I. Schummer
For 17 years now, the German association Freunde Ugandas (friends of Uganda) has been promoting women’s projects. In the meantime, approximately 8,000 women are benefiting from it. Many of them run a chicken or pig breeding farm, many cultivate vegetables and field crops on a large scale. Some are brick manufacturers, fisherwomen, they run sewing businesses, are bakers, charcoal producers and much more. All of them are entrepreneurs running a small business! But every woman works and produces her goods on her own and looks for her own market. Some of them sell their products to wholesale merchants traveling through the villages, while for others it is difficult to find outlets for sales.

In order to achieve higher profits, it is necessary to form cooperatives!
There are many advantages – here are just a few examples:
Buy seeds in bulk, consult with others, get market recommendations, transport the products, coordinate veterinarian service, deliver to the wholesale trade, conclude supply contracts with hotels, or bring together the sewing businesses manufacturing school uniforms...

Therefore, it is intended to establish a cooperative in two regions of the Mpigi area, which is to be run by two women, one from each region. A garage-type building will be the “storehouse” as the collecting depot and the place at which meetings can be held.
Four experienced project women are to participate in state-run training courses and then bring their knowledge to the project villages.

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Location: Buwama, Uganda

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