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CoMakingSpace: Donations for an open workshop

A project from CoMakingSpace Heidelberg
in Heidelberg, Germany

The CoMakingSpace Heidelberg is an open workshop and makerspace in Heidelberg providing practical knowledge to everybody. Due to the corona pandemic we have been hit twice recently. Help us save our makerspace.

Keno März
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About this project

Save the open makerspace in Heidelberg
Help us save an open workshop in Heidelberg. Your donation will be used directly to ensure operations of the CoMakingSpace. The CoMakingSpace has been hit twice in the past few months: First, we had to move out of our location at the end of 2019 due to the building being torn down. Luckily, we were able to find a new location and to reopen in February 2020. However, we had to close down again shortly after our reopening due to the corona pandemic.
At the CoMakingSpace, people of all ages get together to work together on technical and mechanical projects. If you have a project idea in mind, but no idea how to put your project into effect, our community will help you. For each machine, each tool and each step there is somebody in our community which can help you. Being able to build things on your own means you are free to choose the exact way of implementation. This means your own solution is usually better, cheaper and more sustainable than a bought one. 
CoMakingSpace Heidelberg - This means
  • Help with the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by providing support as part of the MakerVsVirus collective.
  • Providing education for kids (for example by participating in the “Türöffner Tag” of the “Sendung mit der Maus”)
  • Free and open seminars for various topics, such as: Woodworking, Electronics, 3D-Printing, Lasercutting, CNC-Routing, Sustainabiliy, Software Development, 3D-Design, Home Automation, Artificial Intelligence and much more.
We need your help. As a charitable organization, we cannot make profit. Therefore, all our running costs need to be covered by members and donations. In December 2019, we had to move out of our old location on a quite short notice period due to the building being torn down. With this being a chance to find a location big enough for our ~70 members, it was a quite expensive investment into the future of our open workshop. Even though we were able to reopen in February 2020, this was short-lived since we had to close down again in March in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic. For us, this was the worst possible moment since it led to us not being able to provide practical courses and attract new members. Your donation helps us survive during these challenging times.