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Children and family meeting place KIDROLINO

A project from Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Ortsverband Görlitz e.V
in Görlitz, Germany

The children and family meeting place KIDROLINO offers leisure, educational and advisory services for children, parents and families in Görlitz. The donations will enable further work with children and families.

Bruno Matschiner
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The KIDROLINO children's and family meeting place is a contact point and meeting place for children, parents and families. Various educational and leisure activities in the areas of prevention and health promotion, media education, nature and environmental education and democracy education are available to children. Parents are strengthened in their educational competence through guided toddlers' offers, lecture series, courses and consultations. Open meetings offer additional space for encounter, exchange and leisure activities. During the school holidays we offer children a varied holiday programme with changing contents. Further information is available on our website

Three full-time employees* and many volunteers work in our association. The association is run by a voluntary board of directors. Our building surrounds a large area with playground, green spaces, beds and trees.

The running costs of our children and family meeting place KIDROLINO are mainly financed by the district of Görlitz, foundations and other sponsors. Donations are used to cover the shortfall in operating costs (rent, electricity, water) and administrative costs (e.g. postage, telephone, consumables).

For our media educational project "Kindermedienclub" we would like to buy a 3D printer with accessories and consumables (filaments) to explain the use of this new technology to children. Children will learn how to use the device, will be able to design small objects on the computer, print them out and take them home with them. Our association will use the 3D printer to print spare parts, utility items and simple toys. Families will also be able to use the 3D printer to print spare parts and toys. The use of the printer will be explained to you by an experienced employee.