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A project from Theater im Fluss e. V.
in Kleve, Germany

New places, new challenges! "Theater im Fluss e.V." is renovating. Support us with your donation and help

Theater im Fluss
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About this project

"Theater im Fluss" is an independent youth art school in Kleve. For more than 25 years young people and creative workers have been engaging in social projects and theatre work. Located inside of an old shoe factory building, we are currently trying to realize a new concept concerning our rooms, which complies with our work.
This includes for example: a barrier-free toilet, a small garden, a youth workshop, an enlargement of the theatre area, a new foyer and office. Purchases and installation of windows, gates, walls, doors and floors, deconstructing walls and many other things are expensive. The workforce of our students, mebers and other volunteers is the baseline of this project, but not everything can be done by volunteers. Renovating got even harder, when the contact ban hit us in march 2020, so we couldn't work in groups anymore.
So whoever is interested in supporting is by volunteering or donating, is welcome to do so, so we can finally set the spotlight on 500 m² of theatre and workshop and make it "a better place" with you as a donor.