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Uganda - We stand together!

A project from All Nations Deutschland e.V.
in Kampala, Uganda

In times of corona (COVID-19), the poorest of the poor are often the worst off. This is especially true for orphans, refugees, old and disabled people in the slums of Kampala / Uganda. The supply of food is urgently needed.

Madeleine Kraus
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About this project

Current situation in the slums of Uganda

In Uganda there are extreme restrictions on exits at the moment due to corona. People who are already struggling to survive under "normal" circumstances have no possibility to get work and therefore no money for food. Both public and private transport is temporarily not allowed.

Example: A 15-year-old girl has already lost her father as a child. The mother has AIDS/HIV. The girl would normally wash clothes for other people to earn a little money for the family. Due to the corona restrictions this is not possible. The local head of All Nations (a mission organization) walked to her ghetto, 26 km away, to bring her food for two days.

Many other families also suffer greatly from this situation. They do not have money to buy essential items. The african families often do not have stocks, because they have earned only enough money in the past to buy their daily bread.

A family can survive for two weeks with 30 dollars. More than 400 families urgently need money for food, among them are especially widows, orphans, elderly, refugees, sick people as well as former prostitutes and drug addicts.

It is our personal matter to stand together in this crisis and fight poverty across national, cultural and continental borders. If the situation has also touched your heart and if you want to participate in this, we would be very grateful!

This is how we want to help in the long term: Through prayer

We know that the amount of donations - even if it might sound like a large amount of money - is a drop in the ocean and can only help the families for two weeks on a short-term basis.

Therefore we would like to ask you above all to pray for the situation in Uganda for:

  • Wisdom for the government in Uganda - for their decisions regarding the coronavirus.
  • A possibility for the population, especially for the poor and disadvantaged, to get work and food - also in the long term.
  • Wisdom, encouragement and protection for the All Nations leader, his wife and his local staff in their activities.
  • For the growth of the Christian community despite / especially in this crisis.
Who we are...

We are a team of volunteers from Germany and had planned to fly to Uganda this summer to help our friends in the slums of Kampala with different projects: In building a corn mill and several small businesses to earn a living. We as a team with Elli, Isabella, Tabea, Tim, Tobi and Madeleine wanted to learn from our friends how they build churches there in the slums and tell people about Jesus.