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Inclusive kindergarten and support for single mothers

A project from Begegnung e.V.
in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Together we want to give these families a more hopeful future and also meet their direct need by supporting them in a direct way with a care package of hygiene utensils and food.

Mark Blundell
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About this project

Our inclusive kindergarten takes care of 65 children in 4 age groups. The children of single parents, who come from the street, are brought into our project in close collaboration with the district offices. From the age of 2, the children can attend kindergarten and after 3-4 years, at the age of 5 or 6, they are sent to the official pre-school. In the project, they learn, among other things, English and Amharic, arithmetic, reading, the national anthem, and they do crafts, paint, play and sing together.

Every year, the organization supports 15 pre-school children, who previously attended the project's kindergarten, with their school uniforms, buys school materials and pays the monthly school fees. In addition, 40 children receive a school bag, school materials and a uniform for school enrollment.

All parents of the kindergarten and pre-school come to the project once a month for a meeting and are taught about topics such as hygiene, family, education, micro-loans and much more. In addition, they receive soap, detergent and cream for the next month, as hygiene products are very expensive.

District work

Other small projects enable people of the district to take out small loans (for example to start a grocery store), to pay rent if money is short, or to pay medical bills in emergencies. A school in the area receives new benches and chairs every year.