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Help us to finish our Wild Animal Rehabilitationcentre

A project from Kilimanjaro Animal CREW
in Machame, Tanzania

Help for our animal rescue project. We are currently in the process of establishing the largest and only rehabilitation centre in Tanzania to help the wildlife animals in our country.

Claudia Lux
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About this project

Hey there,

we are a team of vets in Tanzania  and  we are currently running the only wildlife rehabilitation center here, in the country with one of the biggest populations of wild animals in the whole Africa. Every day we provide treatment and care to injured animals at Kilimanjaro Animal CREW center with a large number of local staff members whose daily contribution and dedication are beyond any words of gratitude.

Our center is the second home for orphaned baby animals and for those that became victims of poaching in maturity. Besides that, the human-wildlife conflict often happens to be the cause - farmers expand their territories and this shuts the corridors of natural animal migration which in turn forces animals to come to the farms where they are eventually caught in traps. Road accidents are also a common reason for an animal to end up in need of rehabilitation.We take care of our residents round the clock and in all weather. Night time is actually very busy, and our staff members often go without sleep to always be there for our elephants, zebras, antelopes, servals, cheetahs, porcupines, monkeys, honey badgers, various species of birds and reptiles and lots of other inhabitants of equatorial Africa. We also help domestic pets (mostly injured cats and dogs). We treat them and then try to find them a new home with caring owners. 

Absence of vital facilities in our rehabilitation center makes it impossible to receive an incoming injured animal timely, put it into intensive care and provide the required treatment. As a result, we process no more than 2-3% of all accidents that happen to wild animals. A new building with modern technology would solve this problem and boost the general efficiency of the institution. 

Apart from veterinary practice, we are running an educational program for local children of 3-6 years old. On the territory of the center, we have our own bush-school where on a par with reading and counting children are taught the importance of protection of wild animals.

Our number one goal is to release the animals back into the wild after they have fully recovered and properly adapted to natural conditions. However, while the rehabilitation of some goes well, others were done damage incompatible with the life in their natural habitat. Our serval Kaira, for one, was smashed by a vehicle and lost her paw. She wouldn’t survive on her own but after all she is holding on to her life and keeps her snout up. We, in turn, are trying to communicate with her as much as possible, come up with new tasks for her and make her stay in our center comfortable. Very soon we’re going to tell the story of each resident in our care on the new version of our website.

Your help will enable us to save more animals and give future generations a chance to see the amazing wild world of Africa. Even if you don’t have an opportunity to contribute to the project financially, we’ll be very grateful for a repost on any of the social media platforms. Any help will be of great value to us!