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Eutin, Germany

Because of Corona, there is no ticket income, which usually covers 85 % of our expenses. Nevertheless, we have to pay for the 2020 season (advertising, stage construction, engagements, administration). Therefore we need your donation!

Falk Herzog, Neue Eutiner Festspiele from Neue Eutiner Festspiele gGmbH
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In view of limited public funding, the Eutin Festival must cover 85 percent of its event costs from its own revenues. This traditionally makes them one of the most profitable cultural organizers of classical music theatre in Germany. However, with this financing concept, which has been practised for decades, there is always the risk that a rainy summer or a failed production could damage the company's existence. 

These are our long-term goals:
a) Ideally, the Eutin Festival must achieve a third of its income sources in terms of financing, i.e. significantly increase the income from sponsorship and support. Otherwise the risk of losing the basis of existence due to insufficient audience response remains too high.

b) The programme must be expanded in favour of popular offerings (musical) and music education (youth). This should make it easier to maintain the traditional offer of opera (the audience is dwindling in return).
c) Specifically, a music education programme for children and young people should be able to take place all year round and be held on the premises of the Eutin Festival (Opera Barn). This is intended to expand the currently very limited cultural offerings for children and young people in the Ostholstein region. For actors and musicians, an economically viable field of activity is to be established.

d) The infrastructure of the open-air theatre must be urgently improved. This applies in particular to the grandstand, which is now 45 years old and has long since ceased to meet today's demands for comfort.

The development of music culture in rural areas is an important concern for us. The creation of employment and participation of artists and musicians in a structurally weak area, the preservation of the possibility of children's and youth projects, the preservation of the musical heritage of Carl Maria von Weber - we would like to continue to make all this possible for years to come.
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