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Freiburg Music Festival: music unites

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

A classical music festival designed by artists and art lovers for artists and art lovers supposed to take place in the Concert House of Freiburg (Konzerthaus Freiburg). Scheduled for 4-6 weeks and intending to show new ways in music involvement.

Shafagh Nosrati from Haus der Kultur Freiburg e.V.
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Freiburg Music Festival: music unites

A classical music festival with completely new concept is introduced which is supposed to take place in 2021 in Freiburg Concert House (Konzerthaus Freiburg) house. 15 recitals (solo and chamber music) are scheduled to take place within a time span of 4-6 weeks. All musicians are representatives of the German art world and the symbolise a colourful mix between young talents and established musicians.  

The European classical music is the main focus of this festival, nevertheless also concerts with non-European classical music (so-called "world music") are supposed to take place.

The festival is uncommercial and its only task is to bring culture and music to people who are in love with that.

The 15 concerts are grouped in 5 blocks of, each block containing 3 concerts respectively. Each block is a tonal reflection of a certain musical and thematic idea. Furthermore a complex thematic cross-interlocking of all 15 concerts of this festival gives rise to a radical innovation of the  concept of a classical music festival:

The audience who intently follows the leitmotiv of this festival will  become aware of the astonishing fact that each thematic block is not isolated but secretly indicates and plays with ideas of the following block like a person hiding his face wearing a mask. This will become clear at the latest during the end of the second block.

Therefore it is revealed that the complete structure of this festival is an abstract depiction of a living musical form.

The audience will begin to learn that a piece of music is never an isolated entity but rather the sum of all the past and a door for the future and therefore can only be understood in a more profound manner within a whole concept.

Hence the audience is subject to a much higher grade of intellectual and emotional interaction with the presented music and the artisic situation compared to other festivals of same extent.

Due to the close inner interdependance of the whole construct we experience a linked density of masterworks of completely different genres which are all performed during this festival and embedded into the whole context.
Thus the Cello and Violin Suites and Sonatas of Bach are presented as well as Schubert's last song cycle "Schwanengesangt" (Swan Song), but also music which roots in Armenia, Azerbaijan, East Anatolia and Iran (2nd block: "Sounds from Afar").

Goals of this project:

One goal is the enrichment of the cultural landscape of Freiburg and depicting that music connects people of completely different backgrounds and origins.

Finally, in order to cite Beethoven's motto which he stated regarding his Missa Solemnis:

"Heartfelt, may it reach others' hearts"

this festival is designed and planned by artists and art lovers for artists and art lovers and curiously interested people without involvement of any commercial interests or agencies.