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"Quarantine in Afghanistan is like slow death for a large number of people"

Herat, Afghanistan

"Quarantine in Afghanistan is like slow death for a large number of people"

Herat, Afghanistan

Many families in Herat, Afghanistan are starving. We will organize another emergency aid with your support.

J. Greuel from Deutsch-Afghanische Intiative e.V. | 
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About this project

Our project manager Mortaza Bayat received a call for help from Herat, Afghanistan. A friend reported that he had been asked about a meat grinder and when asked what a meat grinder should do, since the family concerned could certainly not afford to eat meat, he received the answer that the device was intended to prepare a meal with leaves from the trees ...

In Herat, as in other Afghan cities, a shutdown was ordered due to the risk of the corona virus. Schools and shops are closed, the already weak economy is on the ground. Day laborers cannot find work and have no reserves. The state hardly helps, many families are starving. Following the call for help, the German-Afghan Initiative organized quick emergency aid, read the shocking report from Herat.

Another emergency aid is planned, therefore we would like to collect € 2,000 again within 14 days.

You can also make a valuable contribution if you buy handicrafts from the country online right now.

According to the strengths and possibilities of our friend in Herat, further actions will surely follow, be generous, your donation will arrive quickly.
Updated at 13. May 2020